The History of My Blog

This blog started as a sort of Gratitude Journal. You see, we were expecting to buy my in-laws’ home by March of 2017. I was so excited about such an upgrade, that, in order to keep myself grounded while appreciating what was to come, I wanted to write about how thankful I was about the changes I had to look forward to. Unfortunately, I stopped writing. I don’t know if it wasn’t a broad enough topic or if it’s my own weakness of having trouble keeping up good habits, but I just straight up stopped one day. I even forgot how to log into this when I came back. I was just lucky that my computer had remembered my login information.

In addition, our plans to move fell through. Things were looking bleak on the new home front, and I kinda lost my hope in the whole endeavor. Sure, I would dream by looking at the homes for sale in the area, but ultimately, I knew that our only hope for buying a home was in buying theirs. My husband stopped bringing up the whole idea, and we both just assumed it was off the table. Then suddenly, they found a retirement community that they really love. I think they’d move in tomorrow if they could. There’s a little bit of a waiting list, however, so that’s the only thing that’s up in the air. The hope is that by the time our lease is up in March 2019, there will be an opening for them to take.

Anyways, even with this news, although I was stoked, I didn’t feel the need to revisit the blog writing situation. I had been taking online college classes, and I guess the time I spent away from kids and house managing obligations was just better spent on my homework.

Then, something happened that you might not expect from a stay-at-home-mom who’s worried about keeping her home clean and taking care of sick babies… I became obsessed with a mobile phone video game. It’s called PUBG Mobile, and if you love first-person-shooters where you’re pitted against a whole world of online players, perhaps it would be your bag as well. It didn’t take me long until I was playing daily, sometimes losing the majority of my days to that game with only a strained eyeball headache and a “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!” to show for it. I climbed the ranks and became quite good at the game. Sure, I wasn’t as good as the unemployed virgins living in their parents’ basements… but I held my own. Anyways, it had occurred to me that I could have a problem.

You see, I have this habit of becoming obsessed with ideas, hobbies, food, or whatever. If it’s not video games, it’s the idea of making my own clothes, following a new diet fad, practicing singing so I could form my own band (which wouldn’t sound so ridiculous if you knew that my highly successful IT hubby actually plays 3 different instruments in 3 different bands, and has a song he wrote playing on Spotify regarding another project of his… no, he’s not looking to become a famous musician at 34, and neither am I!), or any other number of (most of the time) fruitless uses of my time.

You see, this realization I had wasn’t a condemnation at all. In fact, if used right, I could use my addictive tendencies to my own betterment. A simple Google search later and I came across this guy’s article, aptly named “Using Your Addictive Personality To Your Advantage.” I definitely recommend reading it. In fact, please do! I’ll wait.

Done? Cool. So, now you realize why I came back, right? At that point, I couldn’t stay away! I went to sleep that night trying to think of all the different changes I could make before we made our move to the new house. That’s when it hit me that I had to return to my blog. I would document my changes, (hopefully) find some readers who could hold me accountable, and it just worked out perfectly that being grateful of the things to come is exactly what you need in order to keep going with (most of the time) grueling, yet rewarding habit changes. I mean, why else would you practice playing an instrument if it wasn’t for the hopes that you’d sound good one day?  Why exercise or eat healthy foods? There’s always a reward waiting for you if you keep up good habits. In short: being thankful for those rewards helps you to envision those results that you long for, thus fueling your desire to continue on your chosen path.

So, that’s it! Now I’ve started my first “21 Day Change” and you are here reading about it. I hope to inspire you to start changes of your own as well as to keep me honest in my own changes! I hope you stick around and we can learn and grow together. See you next time!


Author: 21DaysGirl

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm just a stay-at-home-mom trying my best not to lose myself, but at the same time, keeping my kids at the top of my priorities. Subjects that interest me that you may find me writing about include: College (as I am currently working towards a nutrition degree), maintaining a home, raising children, the ketogenic diet, autism (as my son is autistic), sewing and other projects, along with a plethora of other miscellaneous subjects like video games, movies, or music.

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